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ATV 4 Wheel Motor

RM 60 / 15 Minuts
RM 110 / 30 Minutes

1 Child - 1 Adult


Are you looking for a new way to explore and discover the wonders of Pangkor Island? If your answer is yes, then Seamosse's Oceanic Adventure ATV 4 wheel motor might be the perfect option for you!


This innovative motor vehicle is specifically designed with adventurous spirits in mind. From farm roads to sand dunes, this ride boasts superior traction, agility, and sensibility - making it easy to navigate any terrain with confidence. With its impressive off-roading capability combined with luxury comfort features found inside the cabin area, no journey will ever feel like a bore! Join us on our exploration of Seamosse's Oceanic Adventure ATV 4 wheel motor as we review all that makes it fantastic!

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