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Boat Transfer Services

Pangkor Drop & Satay Fish Factory

RM 70 - Child
RM 90 - Adult
RM 360 - Trip

Minimum 4 Pax

Pangkor Drop & Tour 3 Hours

RM 110 - Child
RM 130 - Adult
RM 1,040 - Trip
RM 100 - Extra 1hours 

Minimum 8 Pax


Are you longing for a beach break far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? If so, why not try out Seamosses Oceanic Adventure's boat transfer services to Pangkor Island in Malaysia? From the moment you set off, you'll be captivated by its stunning views and activities.


For those seeking relaxation and serenity, there are plenty of breathtaking island beaches where you can laze around under the shade watching lanterns float into the horizon as an array of birds circle in unison above; or if adventure is what your heart desires then don't worry - many water sports abound! Dive into crystal clear waters with tropical fishes swimming beside you; swim with sea turtles while exploring sunken shipwrecks - it’s sure to surprise and thrill no matter what kind of traveler you are! Come join us on our journey to discover this tiny exotic paradise – let Seamosses Oceanic Adventure take care of all your transportation needs.

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