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Sunset Cruise

RM 200 - Child
RM 250 - Adult
RM 1,500 - Trip

Minimum 6 Pax
1 Hours 30 Minutes


Are you dreaming of a peaceful getaway in the sun with mesmerizing views? Look no further than Pangkor Island where you can experience a magical sunset cruise on Seamosses Oceanic Adventure. This incredible tour takes sightseers out to sea for an epic journey across the water at sunset, so your eyes will take in the stunning beauty of this amazing part of Southeast Asia as dusk falls.


And let us tell you, it is nothing short of breathtaking! On this journey, you’ll have up-close encounters with flying fish and giant schools of darting squid while feasting your eyes on some incredible seascapes—all set against a backdrop of vivid blues and calming hues. So come join us for this unforgettable experience that reins supreme among all other activities available at Pangkor Island!

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